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This is tech transformation on a massive scale.

The cloud is the foundation of our omnichannel transformation. And in moving there we’ve moved over 15,000 workloads and 5,000 servers. To achieve that, our teams of architects, engineers and operations specialists work with colleagues from across the business to understand what partners are trying to impact. And as we go through the journey with them, to make sure they are happy with what we deliver. We look at things holistically, work collaboratively and bring the different areas of technology together to serve our customers in the way they want. 

Security underpins everything we do. It’s about protecting our customers and our colleagues, wherever they are and whatever device they’re on. Cybersecurity, governance, assurance – we cover it all using industry leading technologies including advanced Endpoint Detection & Response tools, alongside alignment to standards such as ISO 27001. It offers opportunities for you to develop your skills working on everything from security operations to regulatory compliance, antivirus & incident investigations, bot mitigation, right down to dark and deep web monitoring.

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Solutions Architect | Enterprise Architect | Infosec | Delivery Manager | End User Service Manager | Test Manager

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