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Our strength is how we blend stores and online together, so they complement each other. And how we’ve been doing that is to re-platform our website to Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and redesign the UX, UI and content, creating new components and page layouts for everything. All to make sure that whatever choice the customer wants, we have the right journey.  

Data is key to driving our transformation. We use it to continually analyse performance at a category, product and total site level, to plan, support and optimise promotions, increase customer engagement and to make recommendations that add a personal touch to our customers’ online shopping experience with us. 

We’ve only just begun our journey and being part of it will involve you in an end-to-end approach that will see you working collaboratively with colleagues from across our business. It will give you opportunities to progress both vertically and horizontally, as you work to make sure we hit our commercial objectives, our brand is aligned and the customer facing experience is right.

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SEO Manager | Insight Analyst | Optimisation Analytics Manager | Senior eCommerce Insight Manager | Trading Insight Analyst | SEO Specialist | UI Designer | Product Owner

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The Importance of Data at Currys | Creating a Digital Retail Experience

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